For the growth of an enterprise, the enterprise culture that is not the most direct factor, but it is the most enduring determinant. The discretion of the amount of funds, technology, quality products, perfect service, prudent decision-making, tend to rely on a rich in enterprise culture. Corporate culture as a kind of organization system, it has self cohesion, self-improvement, self-regulation, self-improvement, the unique function such as self-perpetuating. Enterprise culture through changing the old values of employees, to cultivate their sense of identity and belonging, build interdependent relationship between members and organization, make the individual behavior, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, habits and organically unify the entire organization, form the relatively stable cultural atmosphere, condensed into a resultant force and the overall trend, to inspire the organization member's subjective initiative, to achieve the common objective of the organization.
Deepening perfecting enterprise culture. Once in a virtuous circle, will continue to promote the development of the enterprise itself. A large number of empirical studies have found that the enterprise culture and enterprise performance relationship: if a strong corporate culture and business environment or strategy is consistent, common belief make communication more convenient, more efficient decision making, Shared values also promotes collaboration, these will improve the practical efficiency of enterprises.
Is xu culture: adherence to the "implementation of the scientific outlook on development, people-oriented behavior, innovation efficiency, better and faster development" business philosophy; Adhere to the "social benefit, environmental benefit and economic benefit" series development principles, create a better future.
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